A Ballet Class with Paul Knobloch

Thank you Paul. A busy year, Summer Intensives, Men in tights, Don Quixote Alice Springs and Darwin, Master Classes and on stage this week-end. Duprada Dance Company in full flight.

Inspired Week-end

Alice Springs is renowned for having too much going on! This was certainly true for the Ballet Company and the Australian Dance Academy this week-end . First Saturday 12noon watching The Australian Ballet taking class on stage, then 1.30pm and 7.30pm performances of Coppélia. The Australian Ballet had bumped-out by midnight. Their production truck began the long journey to Darwin for the last two performances of Coppélia. We arrived at the backstage door a few hours later for our class and rehearsals for our performance being staged in 10 days.

Piano Dusted Off!

Our Wednesday began with tidy lockers and the dancers of the dancers of the Australian Ballet arriving on a bus, quietly filling the building getting ready for class. The boys lifted the piano out so the pianist could see the dancers in class then set to go. It is inspiring to have so many dancers in the building and to watch our little 3 year olds become overwhelmed as they peeked into the studio 1 filled with dancers. One brave little 3 year old told Steven Heathcote that he had just finished the bear-hunt which certainly created some smiles. 'Master Steven' said he didn't know the bear-hunt but perhaps they could try that for Grand Allegro today! Billy nervously joined the other da

Coppélia in Alice

Duprada Dance Company and the Australian Dance Academy would like to welcome the Australian Ballet's dancers, teachers, production and medical staff to Alice Springs. The Australian Ballet's production of Coppélia has finally arrived and will be performing at Araluen Arts Centre on Friday and Saturday. It has been six years since a Regional Tour has made its way into the Northern Territory. It will be an inspiring week in our studios as the dancers, teachers, rehearsal directors and medical staff all work side by side quietly filling all the studios. On Friday the Australian Ballet bump into the theatre while we continue with our own rehearsals. Our own Ballet Company will be backstage as

Australian Dance Theatre

It is always exciting to have visiting dancers in our studios. Last week we had the dancers from the Australian Dance Theatre in for two days for classes and rehearsals. When a Company of dancers are on tour they are not able to 'bump-in' to the theatre until the technicians have finished hanging and focusing the lights, laying the floor and checking the sound systems etc. The dancers still need to take class and rehearse every day and finding a studio is a challenge. We have enough space for them here and it is inspiring to meet the Dancers, Choreographers, Rehearsal Directors and Managers. Bangarra came earlier this year but were unable to perform due to the floods so the rehearsed for


Term 3 is in full swing with smiling faces running in through the door. This term is shaping up to be memorable. The Australian Ballet Regional Tour is arriving in Alice Springs to stage 'Coppélia' which is exciting along with combined rehearsals beginning for our own performance 'Another night at the Drive-In'. So many people work very hard behind the scenes to bring these memorable events together to educate, inspire and motivate everyone. Teachers, assistant teachers, parents of young dancers, dance students and the arts community. It is fantastic to see the healthy minds and bodies of the next generation of dancers. We can't wait to see our students faces light up when they talk a

On the Road

After our mid year break the Ballet Company are back at it. Peta Bailie is travelling with the Australian Ballet Regional Tour which will finally make its way to Alice Springs by mid August. Iona is apparently having a wonderful time on Tour - check out her little shirt. Peta reports that they have been so busy they are not sure what day it is or what Town they are in but day off today and in Cairns for a week so they will have a chance to catch up. Iona sounds as if she will save her first few walking steps until she gets home, here's hoping.