Congratulations Dominic

Duprada Dance Company congratulates Dominic Boffa on his amazing results for Year 12 and being Dux of every year at St Philips. A spectacular result to come 4th in the Territory with only .4 of a percent separating the first four students. Dominic organised his Year very well from the beginning not wanting to miss any ballet classes and still wanted to work and teach. His year began with 'Summer Intensives' with Duprada Dance Company and straight into Year 12. Dominic managed to be at Premium Pete at 6.30 every Saturday, teaching Jazz Classes on Fridays and Saturdays and attend all his ballet classes and rehearsals 6 days a week. When you add to that his preparation of choreography and

Close to Christmas

Our 2018 year is coming to an end and in a way it is a little sad, we have had an unbelievable year filled with energy, passion and dance. Our 35th Anniversary Year seems as though it will be just as busy, very exciting and filled with anticipation. Duprada Dance Company wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year. See you soon in 2019.

Opening Night

Congratulations to Billy, it was a proud moment walking into the State Theatre in Melbourne to watch Opening Night with Billy on stage. A very solid and confident performance which was well rehearsed and beautifully staged. The whole performance was fabulous and it was a pleasure to be in the audience to see and hear their reactions. Very proud, his success is well deserved and I know he will enjoy every performance.