Tears in April.

Too many tears in April; We cried with joy after the curtain went down after Giselle. Washing and packing costumes after a production certainly is a time for reflection. So much passion goes into the work it is a little teary. Tears of concern for Billy suddenly in hospital and unable to complete his Story Time Tour. Tears of sadness for the passing of Maggie Scott who founded the Australian Ballet School and one of our own family members. Tears each time one of our 'Elderly' passes on, one more 'Library' is gone. Tears of disbelief as Paris tries to come to terms with a part of their history burning. The 'Merry month of May is just around the corner! - hopefully.

Time passes so quickly.

Summer Intensives in January began our year for the Ballet Company. February began quickly with new and returning students in new leotards starting new classes. March was very busy 'Bangarra Dance Theatre' in our studios and preparations for our first season of Classical Ballet 'Giselle' staged at the end of March. Here we are at the end of April with the beginning of Term 2 getting ready for our 'Open Week'.

Thank You!!

A huge thank you to everyone who rang, messaged and called into the studio to say how much they enjoyed Giselle, our message board was full of good wishes and thanks which is appreciated more than you know.