Very Excited Now

Only one sleep to go! We have quite a number of young dancers who are more than ready to be on stage on the week-end. They have been fantastic in rehearsals trying to learn their entrances and exits as part of the whole story. Dress rehearsal is a busy time for them as they are in their costumes, behind curtains and under lights. Their teachers and supervisors are also in costume which changes everything. The youngest dancers are a little dazed to begin with they remember everything they have been practicing. We are looking forward to having them in the theatre performing in our 35th Annual 'Magic of Dance' -Madeline goes to the Zoo. Please bring everyone and spread the word and suppo

Madeline goes to the Zoo! Wow

Our first combined rehearsals for 'Madeline' have inspiring and so much fun. To see all the young dancers together for the first time watching the story being told and seeing everyone dance was fabulous. We are reminded why this is such a special time for them all. They have worked and waited all year for this event so that makes it all the more exciting. Every student spent 2 hours solid in rehearsals totally engaged with everything going on around them and learning quite a complicated section of the ballet. Thank you to everyone who is involved these young dancers are a credit to the Mum's & Dad's, teachers, assistant teachers, group leaders and their class mates. Great work from every