Ballet Everywhere!

At the Australian Dance Academy we have called our School Holiday Beak early and suspended classes on Tuesday 24th March in line with the closing of the borders. Our teachers and assistant teachers have stepped up enormously working with every skill we have to shift our classes onto our web-site and online classes. I am so proud of them all, they have great ideas and every idea needs problem solving and creates work to be done. We have been filming classes, transferring, editing, uploading, testing and proof reading our work which takes time but luckily we have most of the resources we need. We have made packages for students to work with at home and finding great links. I am starting to pl

An unusual few days!

Thank you to everyone who is stepping in behind me as I rapidly and continuously make decisions. Someone has to take the lead but leadership can only be effective with the support and collective knowledge of your friends and colleagues. Mistakes are easy to make and every decision creates work so best not to make mistakes. Luckily within Duprada Dance Company, the Australian Dance Academy and Premium Pete we have creative thinkers, good resources and a whatever you need attitude backed up by - 'if it doesn't work we will make it work' and so often it does. An hour after postponing 'Swan Lake' our creative thinkers and dedicated work crew were already suggesting how many ways we could conti

Many Thanks

Thank you is such a simple expression but means so much. I had a fantastic birthday on Saturday and celebrated all day with dancers of all ages. Flowers arrived, along with some very special gifts. Dominic made one of his fabulous cakes and I watched the whole Ballet Company rehearsing our own 'Swan Lake' - I am still answering messages from family and friends from different parts of the world and I spent a lot of time on the phone over the week-end talking to family. It seemed like a birthday festival. I simply loved every minute of the week-end and as I write this I am watching the lilies amongst my flowers opening each day. In appreciation of life itself and your kindness -Thank you