Senior Ballet


By the time our dancers are 11 years of age they are ready for Level 1 Pointe, Theatre studies and to be involved in performances at a more mature level.  The young dancers are taught to put on their own make-up, prepare their own costumes, understand the focus needed in rehearsals and manage themselves backstage.  On completion of two levels of Elementary the students advance to Intermediate level and when they seem ready they are invited to join Duprada Dance Company as a Corps de Ballet 1st year level of dance.

Junior Ballet


Beginning at  Level 4 our young dancers are guided through the next few levels of dance and are introduced to their first dance style, Jazz Ballet and eventually Tap Dancing. As 6 year olds, Level 5 gives them the choice of two classes a week the perfect amount of physical activity for this age group to develop their physical and mental fitness.  

Primary Ballet


Our primary ballet begins at 3 years of age in Level 1.  Our young dancers progress to Level 2 as a 4 year old and turn 5 years old in Level 3. When they will turn 5 years of age and are ready to become part of the Junior School.


Our Primary Ballet School students experience Araluen Theatre each year.  They feature in Morning Melodies held in September/October.  This allows our youngest dancers to experience the theatre and gives them the opportunity to take their first steps on stage. 

Morning Melodies is created for  the performers rather than for the audience, they have the time to show a little of what they are learning in the studio to their supportive audience.  Their confidence builds as the stage and an audience becomes familiar to them.    Classes Saturday Morning and Weekday afternoons.

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