Notes & News

We would like to introduce you to Virginia Hunt (Smith) who was Lynne Hanton's ballet teacher and has supported her over the 46 years that she has been teaching.  Early on it was very difficult to get music for ballet classes and the syllabus and technical notes needed to train young dancers had to be posted from London.  Virginia made sure Lynne had everything she needed and last week the last of Virginia's very large ballet Library of books and magazines arrived here in Alice Springs. Magazines and news clippings from 1950 onwards along with many valuable books which are now out of print.

Duprada Dance Company

Congratulations to every one of the 55 dancers who performed in 2020 Swan Lake.  These performances of will be remembered by so many dancers for so many different reasons.  They have all experienced such an unusual time with so many different challenges and have returned to the studio with more strength and very inspired working on new choreography.

It is difficult to describe how every dancer improved and strengthened over our lengthened season of the ballet.  Each dancer should be very proud of their individual success and proud of their collective performance as a Ballet Company. 

Swan Lake - 2020

When we began rehearsals for Swan Lake we had no idea of what was to come.  Pressed for time and working towards strength and fitness to get the ballet to the stage where it could be run from beginning to end in costume was the aim.  It is one thing to do the ballet in a leotard and tights when you add heavy skirts, whirling around you legs and tutus which prevent you from seeing your feet - that needs practice!  We arrived at final rehearsals on stage, with a full run in costume  on our 2nd Sunday rehearsal at Araluen when we were given the news that we would not be able to stage the ballet 'Alice Springs was in lock down.'  With pride we watched the Northern Territory do the right thing and we were very lucky keep everyone safe.  Baby steps were taken to bring the ballet back.  Dancers resumed classes and rehearsals in the studio and it was challenging but as always they rose to the challenge and they absolutely loved stepping out on stage to their first 'Socially Distanced Audience' who were fantastic.