Notes & News

We would like to introduce you to Virginia Hunt (Smith) who was Lynne Hanton's ballet teacher and has supported her over the 46 years that she has been teaching.  Early on it was very difficult to get music for ballet classes and the syllabus and technical notes needed to train young dancers had to be posted from London.  Virginia made sure Lynne had everything she needed and last week the last of Virginia's very large ballet Library of books and magazines arrived here in Alice Springs. Magazines and news clippings from 1950 onwards along with many valuable books which are now out of print.

Duprada Dance Company

The Dancers in the Company have been working on perfecting their classical ballet technique in preparation for Swan Lake.  This is a challenging ballet which demands purity from the dancers and is certainly beautiful to dance.

Billy Laherty is preparing to dance the role of the Prince with Tiffanie Hughes and Erin Selleck dancing the roles of Odette and Odile.  There are certainly many highs and lows during rehearsal sessions with some days perfecting the difficult lifts and the challenging steps work building the confidence in the dancers yet on other days everything seems to go wrong.   This is particularly difficult because you can't continuously practice difficult dance phrases or significant lifts as fatigue kicks in quickly.

Swan Lake - Postponed

Rehearsals have begun for Swan Lake which Duprada Dance Company has not performed since 2016.

The dancers are captivated by the music and the challenges of the ballet which is famous the world over.  Staging a four act ballet can be daunting at the best of times and it takes courage and commitment from everyone involved.  It begins with the Artistic Direction of staging the ballet, theatre dates and contracts.  It moves to preparing the music and choreography to take into rehearsals leading to what the dancers need to be doing in class to prepare them for the challenge of rehearsals.  The artistry needs lots of work with dancers who are telling a story without words, the management of costumes for 50 dancers appearing onstage in four different acts, and the lighting and background of each act.  Media, creating and printing programmes and having an audience can be intense.  Nervous energy channeled into a stunning performance is everyones wish.