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Don Quixote final stages of rehearsals.

Final rehearsals in the studio today, it is very busy, yet somehow an exciting time for everyone involved. The cast become very excited as the company 'bumps in' to the theatre. Production teams call it 'bump in' week and for them it is sets, scenery, props costumes, programmes, music, technical notes etc., The cast call it 'performance week' and for them it is costumes, quick changes, props, final rehearsals and dancing on stage under lights.

Simone Kilian and Erin Selleck have been crafting our principal costumes for the last two months and their attention to detail unbelievable. Simone lives in Adelaide and Erin in Alice Springs so communication is always amusing and transportation should be a challenge but! In true Alice Springs style when Simone has completed a costume, found fans, materials or any other prop we may need she simply drives around the corner from her house and puts everything safely on our Premium Pete truck. Kitri and the Matador's fabulous costumes arrived this week wrapped perfectly and carefully placed in amongst the fruit and vegetables. One way to get an overnight delivery!

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