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Hats Off!

It was an amazing Saturday and 'Hats Off' to our young dancers. Here is a descriptive picture of our Saturday 26th May, 2018. - Our dancers who work in the Premium Pete Market needed every skill to manage without any eftpos machines madly explaining to people what their options were taking names and phone details and generally being helpful. Some were teaching ballet and managing the desk selling 'High Tea' tickets, again no eftpos. Next stop, preparations for our 'High Tea' the men did all the heavy lifting and the ladies decorated, cleaned, set tables and provided food, teapots and tea cups. They quickly began serving our 'High Tea' guests. Eventually at 5.30 they quickly ate left overs, once again cleaned, washed dishes and packed up.

Sunday, some were back at work, they all had study or homework, many having exams.

Monday it is back to work, ballet and school. Thank-you everyone who took on Saturday with such grace and for keeping our ship steady. Hugh thank-you to Tamara and Tiffanie.

Proud and inspired.

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