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Coppélia in Alice

Duprada Dance Company and the Australian Dance Academy would like to welcome the Australian Ballet's dancers, teachers, production and medical staff to Alice Springs. The Australian Ballet's production of Coppélia has finally arrived and will be performing at Araluen Arts Centre on Friday and Saturday. It has been six years since a Regional Tour has made its way into the Northern Territory.

It will be an inspiring week in our studios as the dancers, teachers, rehearsal directors and medical staff all work side by side quietly filling all the studios. On Friday the Australian Ballet bump into the theatre while we continue with our own rehearsals.

Our own Ballet Company will be backstage assisting with wardrobe, watching Coppélia and the Public Viewing class from the auditorium. Our dancers will be dancing in Master Classes and the Work-Placement audition class while in rehearsals for their own performance in three weeks. Enjoy your time we will wave good-bye to them Tuesday next week.


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