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Piano Dusted Off!

Our Wednesday began with tidy lockers and the dancers of the dancers of the Australian Ballet arriving on a bus, quietly filling the building getting ready for class. The boys lifted the piano out so the pianist could see the dancers in class then set to go. It is inspiring to have so many dancers in the building and to watch our little 3 year olds become overwhelmed as they peeked into the studio 1 filled with dancers. One brave little 3 year old told Steven Heathcote that he had just finished the bear-hunt which certainly created some smiles. 'Master Steven' said he didn't know the bear-hunt but perhaps they could try that for Grand Allegro today! Billy nervously joined the other dancers for class, the others watched, Peta set herself up in the Pilates studio - a pleasure to be at work, we will see what tomorrow brings.

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