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Congratulations Dominic

Duprada Dance Company congratulates Dominic Boffa on his amazing results for Year 12 and being Dux of every year at St Philips. A spectacular result to come 4th in the Territory with only .4 of a percent separating the first four students.

Dominic organised his Year very well from the beginning not wanting to miss any ballet classes and still wanted to work and teach. His year began with 'Summer Intensives' with Duprada Dance Company and straight into Year 12.

Dominic managed to be at Premium Pete at 6.30 every Saturday, teaching Jazz Classes on Fridays and Saturdays and attend all his ballet classes and rehearsals 6 days a week. When you add to that his preparation of choreography and the supervising of young dancers backstage for 'A Night at the Drive-In' and 'The Nutcracker Presentation Gala you would have to acknowledge his discipline, loyalty and organisational skills.

A very successful year Dominic - we salute you!!!

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