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A Picture that says it all!

Tiffanie Hughes is in her element rehearsing for the Principal Role of 'Giselle' and her brilliance is shining brighter than ever. Having the opportunity to work with The Australian Ballet later this year has inspired Tiffanie who is determined to excel and make the most of her opportunity in Melbourne.

As Tiffanie prepares for the role of 'Giselle' her passion deepens. Her natural talent is enhanced by the strength and detailed classical technique which she works on daily. Watching her in the studio every day over the holiday break working on her own conditioning, Pilates and intense personalised ballet classes was inspiring.

It is very exciting to see such a talented dancer working at perfection every day as she explores the emotional challenges needed to give a beautiful portrayal of the young innocent peasant girl, Giselle.

If you are lucky enough to see Tiffanie as 'Giselle' on stage at Araluen it will be an unforgettable experience. Giselle - 29th & 30th March, 2019

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