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A Dancers Day!!

Professional Studies brings a full interesting and deceiving day. Tomorrow is double 'TT' day (Technical Thursday).

Pilates and conditioning begins the day at 9.00am with a snack before their 10.30am two hour Classical Ballet Technical Class which pushes the dancers technical capabilities, builds strength and refines their technique. A Snack before Pas de deux for 90 minutes extending their strength and flexibility while developing the dancers artistry and fineness.

2.00pm Lunch at last - eaten during an Anatomy/Production/Teaching Methodology.

Down Time at 3.00pm until teaching a class at either 4.00pm or 5pm. A Snack before the last session of the day. 6.00pm Company Class and rehearsals until 8.00pm.

Professional Studies is fondly referred to as (full-time) because that is what it is - in one day there are highs, lows, lower than low, middle ground and sometimes exhilaration. Most of the day seems manageable, the deception is in how detailed and challenging each part of the day can be.

Why would you do this? some people might ask, the answer is simple, Dancing gives much more than it takes

There are six days in a dancers week and as a 'Professional Dancer' - add a Theatre Performance every night for a three week run - back to daily training and rehearsals for a couple of weeks before the next three week run.

Appreciate the dedication of artists because without them we would live in a world without Music, Dance, Books, artwork achitecture etc., etc., etc.

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