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Our First Open Week - Level 7's

It is an absolute pleasure having parents and friends come into the studios and watch their young dancers at work.

Dance is fun and seen as a recreation by those who watch, however dancers themselves view classes very differently.

Dancers take their learning and training very seriously and as they progress through the levels dance becomes more demanding and the dancers are given more detailed work and they challenge themselves more and more.

Thomas Van der Geest Hester with Level 7's

Billy demonstrating for Level 7's

Miss Erin with her Level 7's

Proud in front of their audience

Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles and Classical Ballet demands strength at length, flexibility and purity of alignment which requires daily training.

Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Modern, Jazz and Tap are all forms or entertainment and dancers are very aware that their energy, co-ordination and dynamics on stage can bring an audience to their feet, inspire them, move them to tears or transport them to another world. That precious meeting of an audience with their performers is when time stands still, each person in the audience is uplifted, released from the white noise of life and for a few moments can feel exhilarated the same way the performers do.

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