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An unusual few days!

Thank you to everyone who is stepping in behind me as I rapidly and continuously make decisions. Someone has to take the lead but leadership can only be effective with the support and collective knowledge of your friends and colleagues. Mistakes are easy to make and every decision creates work so best not to make mistakes.

Luckily within Duprada Dance Company, the Australian Dance Academy and Premium Pete we have creative thinkers, good resources and a whatever you need attitude backed up by - 'if it doesn't work we will make it work' and so often it does.

An hour after postponing 'Swan Lake' our creative thinkers and dedicated work crew were already suggesting how many ways we could continue to teach and advance our students, keep them happy, healthy and active in the case of closures. - Can we have classes 'on the big screen' or suddenly, live streaming took on a whole different meaning and we began the process of collecting 'content' straight away. We have created so much in such a short time it is simply amazing. I am so proud and this is all - just in case, as we look into a very blurry crystal ball.

We don't know what is going to happen in the next few days, weeks or months, but what I do know is that our whole community will pull together and as individuals will have to become responsible for so much more with a heightened awareness of how valuable our good health is. I am wanting people to panic about how much they waste rather than how much they want to buy.

Message - please don't waste anything! you won't need to buy as much or panic - so simple.

It is all hands on deck here and I have great respect for the hundreds of people who are leading, making decisions and thinking on their feet, trying to do their best in these unprecedented times. Please just keep going!

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