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Who knew!

If I thought it would be quieter in our studios without classes,I was wrong and chaos came quickly - the story of many households I suspect. I have gone from saying Yes, No, Hello, Goodbye, thank you and lovely to see you - to I don't know, can we? how? will this work? I am not sure, wow! what? who designed this programme? why is this happening? what can we do? then back to I am not sure! This language of uncertainty makes me feel as if nothing is being accomplished and I can't get anything finished - Quicksand comes to mind.

As households have become small cities without much time to plan, the ballet studio has become what seems like a small country. Premium Pete is happening in every studio as we try and manage an onslaught of orders and deliveries - our Dance Academy students and the Ballet Company dancers are separated and trying to do classes everywhere except in the studio.

In short, we used to manage people coming into our building, now there is a complete 360 degree turn around with us trying to manage getting everything out to somewhere. Households will be experiencing the exact opposite instead of trying to get everyone out of the house on time it is now getting everything into the house.

I am constantly swinging between feeling inept, clever, stupid, angry or surprised with worry and concern thrown in (shaken but not stirred) - to being so proud and teary as I see photographs and videos of our dancers dancing at home.

I am quite used to sticking my neck out and hanging on by my fingertips but now I am thinking, I need longer fingernails! At times I am just overwhelmed which means it is time to reflect and remember - at least I have time to think and learn - note to self! - Cheer for everyone who is working tirelessly to save lives, cities, countries and valuable communities.

I am happy to see some words which were very low on the radar coming to the surface very quickly - Respect, Responsibility and Discipline!

Waiting for a 'Back to Ballet' campaign

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