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Ballet News

I has been fabulous to see everyone back in their ballet, jazz tap and theatre studies classes. An unusual re-start with everyone being a little hesitant to begin with we are now back to big smiles and a healthy chatter.

Our professional studies students are working very hard and looking really healthy and strengthening quickly. The biggest impact has been on our high school students who were really good at school from home but getting back into the busy routine of going to school, homework, ballet and in some cases work they were quickly overwhelmed. Schools needed to get them back on track and the extra work was challenging. We are looking forward to continuing ballet for the first two weeks of the holidays with one week off before 3rd Term begins. Our dancers are loving rehearsals for their Jazz Performance planned for September.

The studios have had a little bit of paint which looks great. Thank you Billy.

After painting - looks good thank-you Billy.
Before painting
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