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I apologise for my lack of communication over the last few weeks, time has been hard to find while bumping-out of the theatre while preparing our next production 'I Spy' being staged in September.

A HUGE congratulations the dancers who performed in 'Swan Lake' and also thank everyone who supported Duprada Dance Company in our effort to stage the ballet in these unusual times. As challenging as it was from my desk I recognise how difficult it was to perform a Studio Performance on 27th June, with guest performer Jed Salmon from Darwin Sunday Rehearsals on Stage at Araluen on 5th and 12th July, Tech/Dress Rehearsals on 16th & 17th and Opening Performance on 18th July. Six performances in two weeks was a brilliant effort. To follow was three weeks of dress rehearsal Friday nights and performance on Saturday nights to full houses while making allowances for dancers who were not well or away on School Camps.

The dancers had few days off before returning to class and rehearsals learning new choreography 'I Spy' our annual Jazz Collectives performance - a totally different style of dance. Every dancer has been challenged, they have improved and strengthened in so many ways it is difficult for me to describe.

Watching a cast of 55 dancers continuously being corrected but working with focus constantly aiming for perfection while adjusting to different positions and partners on stage is nothing short of inspiring and knowing that this could not happen anywhere else in the world is still difficult to believe.

The words 'Thank you' are too simple but be assured - 'Swan Lake' 2020 will forever have a special place in my heart.

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