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Bon Voyagé - Miss Meg

In 2006 a very tiny Megan Cassidy was enrolled in Level 2 at the Australian Dance Academy along with her twin sister Jessica. Eventually after 2 years Jessica decided that because she could not wear her favourite electric blue leotard ballet was not for her. Meg however, loved her pink leotard and everything about ballet and rarely missed a lesson. Meg progressed through every level even limping through a few lessons with a couple of sporting injuries. Eventually Meg became an assistant teacher to Miss Tamara, where she discovered her love of teaching ballet to our youngest dancers.

After successfully completing Year 12 she began full-time professional studies majoring in classical ballet, knowing that she would eventually follow her passion to become a fully qualified 'Dietitian'. Meg finally managed to fly out of Alice Springs on Sunday to begin studies at the Griffith University in Queensland. So many tears were shed in the studios over the last week of our term but we all wish her well and will miss her smiling face in the studios and in Premium Pete where she has worked for many years.

I have to say that after seeing my dancers almost every day for so long it is hard to wave good bye and I miss them (tears as I write) but they do come back and it is exciting to see them spread their wings. Every dancer adds their own personality to the ballet company and it takes some time to readjust when they leave.

Duprada Dance Company will always keep her place at the barre ready for Meg when she returns.


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