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Congratulations and Thank you Bonnie

Congratulations and thank you to Bonnie Shelton. Quilting Star!

Bonnie won this beautiful Sewing Machine for her expertise in Quilting. Bonnie decided that she would like to donate this amazing prize to Duprada Dance Company's wardrobe. Thank you so much Bonnie the sewing machine was put to work immediately making costumes for Coppélia - It is a brilliant machine and done quite a few miles of sewing already.

Bonnie is a talented dancer whom you may have seen as our Coppélia Doll in the window of Dr Coppélius at Araluen last month. This was a difficult role because as a doll Bonnie needed to be motionless while the audience was entering the theatre and then for quite some time as the ballet began. A quick costume change to dance in the mazurka before changing back into the Doll for Act 2. Thank you Bonnie.


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