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1st & 2nd April at Araluen

Giselle is such a beautiful ballet featuring so many fantastic pieces of music coupled with mesmerising choreography and danced by ballet companies all over the world. Every part of the ballet demands challenging technique giving the dancers a beautiful etherial quality. The ballet is very musical which helps tell the story and set the mood. it is imperative that, regardless of the tempo the dancers keep in time as the music which changes from furious speeds to an immediate intense stillness with 20 dancers all trying to control their breathing.

This story is beautiful, thought provoking and vibrant, promising to wash over the audience as they absorb the joy, the mystery, and the movement and the musicality of a two act classical ballet presented by very our own talented dancers.

Our youngest dancers are very excited about making their first appearance with 'Duprada Dance Company' - there is so much for them to prepare. Their Theatre Studies training will come into its own as they are given the freedom backstage to organise themselves as individuals and prepare to step out on stage. They have their own particular place in the Dressing Room, make-up to apply, tights, costumes and pointé shoes to prepare. I am in that special place where I can watch them grow into capable performers. Their teachers and mentors are very proud seeing their students proudly take their places on stage, being backstage and loving the whole experience.

At my Desk

Every new year brings a few changes, some exciting times, a few challenges and different inspirations.

Congratulations on the success of our newest dancers joining Duprada Dance Company in Alice Springs and Darwin they have worked hard to earn their place in the ballet company. Their professionalism and commitment will be needed as the company has a vibrant, exciting year ahead beginning with 'Giselle' next week and closely followed by 'Swan Lake' being performed in Darwin in June.

Every day is a hive of activity here beginning with our full-time dancers arriving early everyday for a full schedule of classes, rehearsals, conditioning and then teaching. Our younger dancers and drama students fill the studios with their vibrance and enthusiasm after school followed by the Duprada Dance Company dancers who are in every evening until lights out at 8.30pm. We are always so busy here so I am always caught off guard when I hear people express their complete surprise when I tell them that there is ballet in Alice Springs and indeed a 'Ballet Company'

My frustration is, not being able to promote ballet or performing arts to the community and tell people about what we provide here or the opportunities available to children who have not yet discovered their own talent or creativity. When I a not teaching, my daily task is trying to find ways to connect with our community outside our own organisation.

We do need a few cheerleaders who can champion cause so we can spread the word more widely. Our community can only benefit by hearing positive, vibrant news and to have more information about dance, drama and performing arts which is constantly overshadowed by the promotion of sports. Sport is fantastic but unfortunately the arts can't be promoted in the same way and does not have the benefit of 'grass roots funding'


It is always a fantastic day in the studio when our new 1st Year Professional Studies students start. In 2022 we welcomed Scarlett Worrall and Tryphena Phillis as Professional Studies students with the responsibility being ranked as Senior Artists with Duprada Dance Company. Gypsy Manley is currently in her 3rd year working brilliantly and feels settled in Alice Springs. Jorja Purdie will finish here in June 2022 and move to Melbourne to begin training as a Pilates Instructor.

Our Principal Artists are working brilliantly to make sure 'Giselle' will be at its best next week. Erin Selleck and Tiffanie Hughes will be sharing the lead role of the young peasant girl Giselle with Billy Laherty and Hamish McGauchie sharing the challenging role of Count Albrecht. Gypsy Manley and Jorja Purdie are sharing the role of the Queen of the Wiles.

We welcome Peta Baillie and Kaitlyn Baldwin to the stage in this performance of Giselle. Kaitlyn has flown down from Darwin where she is in her 1st year as a 'Pre-professional Studies student at Leisa's School of Dancing. Peta and Kaitlyn add a wonderful strength to the performance dancing the role Giselle's Girlfriends in Act 1 the mystical Wiles in Act 2. We will be wishing Jorja well as she steps off stage on Saturday in her last performance with Duprada Dance Company before she leaves to continue with her further studies with Pilates in Melbourne.

Best Wishes to all of our dancers who are looking forward to their 2022 performance of 'Giselle' - they are all very excited to have an audience.

Photograph - rehearsals last Saturday.


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