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Gala én Pointé

Rehearsals at the moment are breathtaking, inspiring and challenging all at once. The dancers are now working on the final phase of rehearsals before we 'bump-in' to the theatre. Performing a 'Gala' is like a breath of fresh air after performing 3 complete story ballets in 2022. It is a complete turn around because a 'Gala' allows a ballet company to produce the best of the best in their repertoire. Short classical Ballets such as the historical romantic 'Les Sylpides' to the french chic 'Suite en blanc et noir' together with very new choreographed works such as 'Poetry in Motion' along with exerpts from famous ballets such as Onêgin.

The complete 3 act ballet of Onêgin is not in Duprada Dance Company's repertoire however the stunning Onêgin pas de deux was taught to Erin Selleck at the Prague International Master Classes by Ivan Cavallairi and will be performed as a part of our 2023 Gala én pointé

Don't miss this performance - guaranteed to go beyond your expectations.

Tickets are available at Araluen Arts Centre Box Office 89511120 or online


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