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Happy New Year

I hope everyone has had a good break and if you were in Alice Springs for Christmas - Wow! the weather! It was fantastic have cool weather, continuous rain and see the rivers running.

Our ballet year begins with the Ballet Company's 'Summer Intensives'. Our dancers and teachers have been on a well earned break and their Summer Intensives gets them back classes where then can regain their strength and flexibility. They also begin learning the Repertoire for the first ballet of the year.

At the end of 2020 I thought I should create a 2021 Calendar - it was such a different year for everyone. Also, Our photographer Rod Diehl bought a new camera which resulted in some fabulous photographs and they needed to be shown in a calendar. Choosing the best photographs was a challenge but the calendar certainly sums up our year.

Billy organised to have Australian Dance Academy Tee Shirts printed for our young dancers and they look really good. We have one young dancer watching her Tee Shirt drying on the clothes line so she can put it on again as soon as it is dry.

DVD's from last years performances are looking really good. In July I bought a new video camera which specialises in for filming performances in Theatres with low light. In the near future we will have our performance on the website to rent or buy.


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