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Inspiring Open Classes

Our studio was buzzing with the energy of excited young dancers entering their ballet studios ready to dance. Happy to see their ballet friends and teachers, a story to tell and ready to dance.

Our youngest dancers settled in with confidence this year and have been looking forward to their 'Open Days' We invited parents, relatives and friends into our studios during weeks 6 & 7 to watch their ballet, jazz, tap dancing and theatre studies classes, giving our students an opportunity to perform at their best in front of a small audience. Parents take photographs and videos for important childhood memories which can be shared with relatives who live interstate or overseas.

It is an anxious time for our teachers knowing that teaching class in front of an audience can be challenging with high expectations from everyone. Presenting class to an audience allows the students to proudly show what they have achieved and the skills they are developing.

Young dancers begin their ballet classes just wanting to dance and have fun. In time, they adjust to the structure of a ballet class which allows them to enjoy dancing while learning more than they realise.

Ballet classes are structured to each age group gradually building gross motor skills, fine motor skills, co-ordination, musicality, creativity and spacial awareness. As students progress through the levels the steps, shapes, co-ordinated movements become more challenging.

Mums, Dads, Siblings & Friends attending our "Open Days'

Each class should inspire, motivate students stimulating their creativity and fitness. They begin making shapes, jumping into precise positions and move quickly over lots of floor space.

As students become more proficient the details of classical ballet become more challenging. They have a lot of fun trying to achieve each movement or shape. They learn quickly and absorb the constant information from their teachers as well as take in the language of dance which is based on French terminology.

To be inspired and stimulated keeps their inquiring minds busy and a sense of pride in themselves and their own class is evident every time they come into class.

Learning ballet encompasses, physical training of the growing body, Educational learning of an Art Form, Stimulates creativity and allows expression without words. The challenges and performance build confidence in themselves and everyone around them. Committed hard work is rewarded. Congratulations all involved - committed parents, teachers and students.


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