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Professional Studies Territory wide

Our Professional Studies dancers from Darwin flew down to Alice Springs for a week of Intensives. They were in the studios almost immediately taking advantage of every moment they have. It is inspiring for the dancers to work together and of course they motivate each other. They are respectful colleagues and good friends training 1,200 kilometres apart.

The Northern Territory is such a unique place with distance being our challenge. As we progress with technology we sometimes bring our dancers together online using a computer screen in our Alice Springs studios. In some ways frustrating and in other ways quite amazing.

Left to Right

Back - Erin Selleck, Jack Van der Geest-Hester, Isabella Buring, Gypsy Manley, Jorja Purdie, Billy Laherty, Megan Cassidy.

Front - Eliana Ferro, Dominic Boffa, Tiffanie Hughes


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