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Term 2 - Open Days

Our annual 'Open Days' need to span over two weeks to allow all of our class levels to have their special time in the studio with parents and friends. We try not to have open classes leading up to the long week-end, keeping in mind that the majority of the town is distracted, busy or camping.

The Ballet Company will have their open classes on Friday 14th June with Jazz and Contemporary and Saturday 15th June for Classical Ballet and Pas de Deux. This is also an opportunity for our younger dancers to watch their teachers and our senior dancers in their normal training sessions.

Duprada Dance Company has four dancers who are preparing for the Prague International Master Classes. Their workload should be increasing daily because if they are not fit enough for this very intense fortnight injuries will be the result. An increased workload every day has a significant impact on their fitness, their strength, confidence and mindset.

Term 2 is a challenging term. As the weather cools down lots of children are sick, Primary and Secondary Schools take advantage of great weather to have their school camps and there is a run of Public Holidays. Our students attend different schools so there are always two or three young dancers missing from each lesson. This makes Term 2 quite disjointed while teachers are preparing for open classes and our 'Jazz Collectives' Performance. Every student seems to manage and looking forward to their time at the theatre in August. As our teachers and young dancers prepare for their mid-year break we try to get as much done as possible. Choreography and costumes are the biggest part of our performances and take the most amount of time to prepare and refine. Our performance rehearsal schedules have been prepared for their Jazz performance and Term 3 is looking good.


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