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This week in the rough

This week began on Sunday with our last Sunday rehearsal of the year. The production team decided it would be great if we could essentially 'bump-in' Sleeping Beauty on Sunday before the Darwin performance costumes came back into the studios. The Darwin costumes arrived in Alice Springs on Saturday and luckily Gilberts Transport allowed a very early pick-up on Sunday Morning to get them out of the heat. The airing, washing and sunning process begins immediately. The costumes can't be laundered in Darwin because the humidity makes it impossible to get them really dry. Murphy's law - yes we enjoyed the rain but when you need the sun where is it? The humidity came with the costumes but by yesterday afternoon everything except sunning the Tutus was well under way.

Sleeping Beauty rehearsals went well and we congratulate our Level 4's who are performing in 'The Magic of Dance' for the first time. They just seem to take it all in and eventually focus on the task at hand. It is exciting for every class to watch the other dancers including their teachers, sometimes being easily distracted. Our team of 12 moved 'Sleeping Beauty' from the studio to the theatre 30 minutes (so good) and in that time managed to set-up backstage and onstage ready for a full day. Sleeping Beauty is one of the biggest ballets to move, it has hundreds of costumes, props and sets and challenges us in every way. It is easy to forget how big the ballet is and how it completely absorbs everyone working on the production. We have not performed this amazing ballet since 2016 so we are looking forward to seeing the ballet on stage this weekend.

The rest of this week will be full of rehearsals, backstage preparations (including a lot of ironing), with final touches to our Programme and working on 'bump-out' which will fill three of our four studios. The week will end on Saturday night bringing an end to our performance year.

Next week is 'Photo Week' for our students bringing us very close to the end of our Term 4 for 2020.


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