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Australian Dance Theatre

It is always exciting to have visiting dancers in our studios. Last week we had the dancers from the Australian Dance Theatre in for two days for classes and rehearsals. When a Company of dancers are on tour they are not able to 'bump-in' to the theatre until the technicians have finished hanging and focusing the lights, laying the floor and checking the sound systems etc. The dancers still need to take class and rehearse every day and finding a studio is a challenge. We have enough space for them here and it is inspiring to meet the Dancers, Choreographers, Rehearsal Directors and Managers.

Bangarra came earlier this year but were unable to perform due to the floods so the rehearsed for their Commonwealth Games Performance.

The Australian Dance Theatre were here last week and their performance was amazing on Friday Night with fabulous reviews.

The Australian Ballet arrive next week for their performance of Coppéia and will be in our studios for a few days. Our dancers are looking forward to Master Classes with the Company and it is very exciting the dancers of Duprada Dance Company to be in the audience and watch such a professional performance - they are usually on stage.

and our dancers are really looking forward to their Master Classes with the teachers from the Australian Ballet Company. They will be in our studios again the following week for classes and rehearsals before they leave for the last leg of their tour in Darwin.

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