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Inspired and shared!

Our town is inspiring in so many ways and I am proud to live and work with so many amazing people here in the middle of Australia. A few chapters shared from my desk, regards Lynne.

Chapter 1 - Principal Dancer - Billy Laherty

At 14 years of age Billy Laherty already had an after school job and took on a second job at Premium Pete where he worked for 12 years, his third job was with McGauchie Upholstery. He fitted these three part time jobs around School, martial arts and ballet classes.

Ballet became Billy's passion - he completed three years of full-time training as a dancer, embarked on two overseas tours with Duprada Dance Company and was invited by The Australian Ballet to sign a contract for their 2018/2019 Story Time Tour - Coppélia. Billy performed in 63 Australian Ballet performances over three months. While he was in rehearsals for his 2nd Story Time Tour the world suddenly became a very different place with a pandemic.

Returning to Alice Springs, Billy and his partner (now fiancé) Tiffanie Hughes bought a house, he returned to work at Premium Pete, Duprada Dance Company and all things shade sails and upholstery. Billy worked with both Andrew and Hamish McGauchie while keeping his ballet training a priority. The McGauchie family have moved to Perth and Billy is the now proud new owner of Spectrim moving the business to Smith street. He proudly displays his 12 years of experience in the industry of Upholstery, Shade Sails and auto-trim. His energy, attention to detail and professionalism is remarkable.

Our audience will see the ultimate professional on stage this week-end in Duprada Dance Company's 'Gala én pointé' - Congratulations Billy! your energy, loyalty, attention to detail, professionalism and generosity is always appreciated. Thank you for being you!


Duprada Dance Company - Don Quixote 2018

Billy Laherty - Brazilio

Tiffanie Hughes - Kitri

Photograph Australian Ballet Archives

The Australian Ballet Story Time Tour Coppélia 2018/1019 - Billy Laherty Centre.


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