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Happy 100th Birthday Jose

Jose Petrick is a wonderful supporter of Duprada Dance Company and our ballet school and absolutely loves ballet. We invited Jose and 16 of her friends into our Studios to watch our professional dancers in their morning class and enjoy morning tea after class. What a fabulous morning Jane Bannister picked Jose up and she arrived with such energy and enthusiasm which entertained everyone around her. The ABC filmed the morning and interview Jose and some of her friends while they were here. A special time for everyone involved, Jose has attended every one of our performances over the last 30 years. Jose is fantastic with her communication and our community is very lucky to have such a vibrant positive lady of distinction encouraging us to take opportunities and make the most of life.

Congratulations Jose and see you at our 40th Anniversary Gala in April.

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Thank you Lynne for a wonderful morning, it was so enjoyable. Thank you for thinking of it and then organising it! Wonderful Duprada. Jane Bannister

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