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Congratulations Peta & Doug

The studio was buzzing with excitement and giggles after I thanked Billy for his performance and remarked that it had been 15 years since we had performed with one man on stage - Peta Baillie replied very quickly stating that there may have been two boys on stage revealing that she and Doug were expecting a new baby in October, adding to her family with a boy or a girl!

It took a couple of seconds for the penny to drop and then lots of excitement and plenty of giggles thinking of Peta in classes, rehearsals and performing.

Congratulations to Peta and Doug on their exciting news.

Peta and I made sure she had great understudies for the performance, Bonnie Shelton did perform in

La Sylphide as Peta's understudy and now she knows why - thank you Peta we loved having you on stage and we will wait to be surprised in October with a bother or sister for Iona and Patrick.


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