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The Importance of Audience

The motivation behind so many activities in our studios at the moment is the Audience that will be at Araluen for our performance of 'The Briefcase' on the 25th & 26th August. Everyone wants to put their best foot forward the audience and everyone hopes they love the show.

We have been getting ready for this performance since May this year. We prepare for performances in several stages - students begin by learning their own dances and begin to learn about the story. Excitement will build this week as our first combined rehearsal session will be held on Friday and a Theatre Rehearsal on Sunday. Students and teachers will be able to watch the other classes perform their dance and watch the ballet company dancers performing and bringing the story together.

Then we begin to have costume rehearsals which means the performance is getting closer - the children become very involved in the story, and are excited to be able to share the story with the people they know are coming to the theatre. On the evening of the performance, everyone has a wonderful vibrant energy backstage, hair being done, make-up applied and finally in their first costume with so much pride. They love how they look and very proud of their whole class and want to perform at their absolute best.

Our young performers try hard to be quiet, contain their energy and experience a little nervousness as they hear the audience entering the theatre. We can see how much they have learnt, how much they want to be at their best and how much an audience means to them - Audience members, you are the positive influence needed for our young people to experience hard work and commitment has special rewards and your applause builds their confidence as they feel proud and very alive.

Don't miss being a part of our Audience - The Briefcase - more than you would expect.


Wish I could be there!

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