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Tiffanie's Diary is Full!!

2019/2020 will constantly challenge Tiffanie as she works towards her 'work placement' at 'The Australian Ballet' and planning auditions.

The end of 2018 was an exciting time for the Company when Tiffanie took classes with 'The Australian Ballet' while they were in Alice Springs and as a result gained a work placement week with the Company and Billy was given a contract for 'The Australian Ballet's' Story Time Tour. Tiffanie was cast as 'Giselle' in Duprada Dance Company's March Season meaning daily training all through the December/January break in 40 something degree heat!! The only down time was a quick trip to Melbourne and then to Sydney to see a some of Billy's performances.

Tiffanie constantly worked on her role of 'Giselle' with her two partners Hamish McGauchie and Dominic Boffa. She gave two stunning back-to-back performances with strength and confidence, cherishing every moment as she told the story through mime, dance and artistry.

A week after Giselle Tiffanie had the challenge of assisting with Billy's recovery, we certainly needed 'all hands on deck' and she has to be commended for her no fuss approach to all things needed for everyone to get through a difficult April.

May/June Diary entries took her to two Weddings, our High Tea, Teaching Open Classes and taking part in Open Company classes for a week before flying to Singapore.

Her trip to Singapore involved daily classes in a few very interesting places, future planning discussions and production meetings. Some sight seeing was also had and a visit to an 'Alice in Wonderland' installation in a Museum. A flight back to Darwin and a Company Class with the Duprada Dancers in Darwin, for the forth time in the last twelve months.

A brilliant traveller and true to form, saw Tiffanie soak up every minute of our evening at the Ballet. She loved watching the audience arriving, the performance unfolding in front of her, reading every word in the programme, discussions about every choreographer, dancer, principal, teacher, pianist etc, etc, and of course did not want to go home afterwards. She was delighted to see André Klemm in the audience - he currently teaches at the Paris Opera Ballet and taught Tiffanie in our Company Class in Paris at the end of our 2014 30th Anniversary Tour.

Back in Alice Springs with barely enough energy to stand let alone dance, Tiffanie sees this as an opportunity to learn how to travel and keep working as this is a big part of a dancers life. Her Diary for August has her performing in 'Shades of Broadway', teaching and choreographing for her classes. September will see her in Melbourne for 'Work Placement' for The Australian Ballet, a Study Tour, one more wedding and our 35th Anniversary Gala Dinner for Duprada Dance Company.

Tiffanie's October Diary will be showcasing Morning Melodies, a Gala, rehearsals for the Principal Role of 'Aurora' in Sleeping Beauty, 'Madeline goes to the Zoo' and a 'Triple Bill'.

November will see the staging of the performances mentioned above and rehearsals for 2020 'Swan Lake' will be well and truely underway.

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