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Ballet Everywhere!

At the Australian Dance Academy we have called our School Holiday Beak early and suspended classes on Tuesday 24th March in line with the closing of the borders.

Our teachers and assistant teachers have stepped up enormously working with every skill we have to shift our classes onto our web-site and online classes. I am so proud of them all, they have great ideas and every idea needs problem solving and creates work to be done.

We have been filming classes, transferring, editing, uploading, testing and proof reading our work which takes time but luckily we have most of the resources we need.

We have made packages for students to work with at home and finding great links.

I am starting to plan our 'Back to Ballet' campaign and how we can progress from such unusual circumstances. I am hoping (like everyone else) that 'Back to Ballet' will be sooner rather than later. Thank you everyone for your fabulous messages it certainly keeps us going.

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