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Unusual Congratulations!!

Congratulations to the dancers of Duprada Dance Company as they step out on stage over the next four Saturday evenings in very unusual circumstances. They will finally perform 'Swan Lake' after 7 months of interrupted rehearsals. Our production team and our dancers have worked above and beyond in challenging times to bring our community this live performance we know can't be viable due to limited audience numbers.

Can we help?

I have been asked this question by so many people who want support Duprada Dance Company and ensuring its future.

Yes you Can Help!! - right now in fact.

You can purchase our grey seats - 'SupportersTickets' from our website or from Araluen 89531800. You will be buying a a 'Grey Seat' which we can't sell due to restrictions.

It would be fantastic to have you with us in spirit.

'Supporters Seats'

  • You will be listed Backstage so you will be there in Spirit.

  • We will post a signed Swan Lake Programme with a Photograph from the Performance

  • You will be listed in our future programmes as 2020 In Spirit Supporters.

Help us do the right thing and keep our community inspired and motivated.

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