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Prague - Very Close!!

We had a busy week leading up to the end of our 2nd Term at the Australian Dance Academy - enjoy your mid year break. Term 3 begins on Tuesday 16th July, 2024.

Our four dancers who successfully auditioned for the 2024 Prague International Master Classes will have an intense three weeks before they fly to Prague. Scarlett, Gypsy and Tryphena will experience an intense life changing experience when they walk through the doors of the National Theatre in Prague and take their place in the studios with 90 other dancers from all over the world. This is Tiffanie's second time in Prague and is excited about taking full advantage of the opportunity. The dancers will be taught by 15 different Master Teachers who are also from different world renowned ballet companies.

If you would like to stay connected with our dancers while they prepare, travel and take their places at the barre - we invite you to join our website group known as - 'Prague International Master Classes' - we would love to take you on our journey.

The dancers will leave on 16th July flying from Alice Springs to Perth then to Paris for a couple of days. Then a short flight to Prague on Sunday. Lynne Hanton and Leisa Jackson will be travelling with the girls to observe, re-connect and network within the dance world. Lynne and Leisa are certainly looking forward to walking our dancers through the National Theatre Doors on Monday 22nd July, 2024.


Come with us to Prague - Groups - 'Prague International Master Classes'


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