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An accomplished term.

With our first term ending on Saturday 10th April, I feel quietly proud as I watch our young students in their classes. It is not well known but dance classes are challenging at every level with each level introducing more advanced steps, shapes and co-ordinated movement. An extraordinary amount of work goes into the class work which requires each student to strengthen two different sets of muscles - stabilizers and mobilizers. Primary Ballet classes begin developing 'gross motor skills' and co-ordination; later to develop into the 'fine motor skills' needed for Classical Ballet, Pointé, and Pas de deux. Tap Dancing, Jazz, Ballet and Contemporary Dance develop strength and flexibility in the muscles which mobilize the body quickly. Dance movements are all done with specific musical timing which is very strengthening.

When I am watching our young dancers, it is easy to see how much they are advancing with their teachers continuously working to get the best they can from every class.

When our dancers work hard they look forward to their 'Open Classes' where they get to show what they have learnt and how well they are progressing.

Students who have continuous training over many years are able to strengthen as their body grows and by the age of 14 they can be proud of their strength, flexibility and good posture. Their posture is strong, well understood and lasts a lifetime.

Level 7's from late 2019, they have changed so much in just over 12 months.


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