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Ballet in the Territory- Busy and Proud!

We have been kept very busy in the studios here in Alice Springs (Duprada Central) preparing costumes for so many young dancers.

'I Spy' was being laundered and packed away with Morning Melodies and Sleeping Beauty being prepared for October/November performances.

In Darwin Leisa's School of Dancing and Duprada Dance Company Darwin are celebrating their 20th Anniversary Performance at the Darwin Entertainment Centre on 7th November,2020. The costumes for that performance were packed and sent in early October and our Principal Dancers flew to Darwin early this week. Tiffanie Hughes, Jorja Purdie, Billy Laherty and Dominic Boffa will assist with the production and perform in 'Suite en Blanc & Noir' and 'Madeline goes to the Zoo'.

We also supplied costumes for a Movie being filmed in Alice Springs last month. It took quite a bit of time to organise but was satisfying when interstate artists are inspired and surprised at everything about Alice Springs.

The costumes are a big part of every production and young dance students love their costumes and can't wait to wear them. The choreography is always busy, challenging, inspiring and exciting. We have had Morning Melodies, Suite en Blanc & Noir, Madeline goes to the Zoo and Sleeping Beauty all in rehearsal at the same time with all four studio running at the same time with a fabulous rehearsal team.

There are times when 'murphy's law' makes an appearance and you just have to smile and know that things can only get better - at one stage we had four people in Darwin one on Jury Service - not the best timing! But then, our young team members , Meg Cassidy, Imogen Marshall and Gypsy Manley step in with their skills, energy, loyalty and reliability, spreading their magic. Territory Proud.........


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