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Congratulations Billy and Tiffanie -

Congratulations to Billy and Tiffanie who announced their engagement in December. They both decided to take the time to tell family and close friends and then tell the dancers in the Ballet Company and eventually the students in the Ballet School. There was a great deal of excitement amongst the dancers who have seen Billy and Tiffany is so many Wedding Pas de Deux's on stage and some trickery in Swan Lake quite a few times.

The dancers in the ballet company had a wonderful time entertaining our young dancers at their 2022 Christmas Parties and showing them Tiffanie's very special engagement ring. Billy and Tiffanie have been together since 2017 and are very proud of their professionalism here at work. It was still surprising to see how many students and dancers didn't know that they were a couple. There were big smiles all around especially from Tiffanie who was still getting used to seeing such a beautiful ring on her left hand.

We are lucky to have both Billy and Tiffanie in our ballet world. They are support each other and everyone around them, rehearse with dedication and commitment and have perform rare combination of generosity and shared passion regardless of the role. They are both genuinely performing at their best even when they are not partnered together. They are a strong confident couple and we wish them all the best for their future together.


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