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February Check list -hmm

I think someone else put a 'to do list' on my desk for 2022 - it read

1. Plan the hottest 4 days in January will be set for 'Summer Intensives'

2. Clean up after floods three times. Wash and try to dry 100 towels three times.

3. Manage, no produce for 'Premium Pete' no retail parcels for Ballet.

4. Implement the Covid rules but guess what they are different each day!

OKAY- whatever

My 'to do list' was very different

  1. Dinner with the dancers who are leaving - (didn't happen)

  2. Meeting with teachers to discuss 'Covid' rules - (no point)

  3. Guest Teachers for 'Summer Intensives' - shuffled the timetable everyday - very hot but successful.

  4. New leotards, ballet shoes and tights ready for excited young dancers - (the same as everyone else, frustrating)

  5. Music and repertoire prepared for Giselle - maybe tomorrow! I have said that everyday for a month but finally getting there.

The children, parents, teachers and dancers are fantastic. Ballet, music and dance

filling our hearts.


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