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Sailors, Laughter & Fun at Araluen

Thank you for being such a fantastic audience last week end. it was fabulous to receive so many emails text messages and calls from people who enjoyed the show. As soon as the audience laughed the energy and excitement lifted backstage. As we closed the curtain on 'Swan Lake' rehearsals for 'I Spy' began and were fast and furious. We went straight into casting, repertoire, costumes, props and scenery and had forgotten that there were funny moments in the story and how much fun it was to dance. The smiles grew backstage and the dancers who were on stage and could not laugh - not laughing on stage is very hard and something you can't rehearse.

Our young dancers had a fantastic time being back on stage and it's amazing to see how much they take in, they live in the moment and don't want to their dance to finish. Our youngest dancers were quite busy throughout the performance making several appearances on stage in different costumes.

It was fantastic to hear small stories about props which we often borrow - in this performance we had a stunning tartan lined picnic basket belonging to one of the dancers grandmothers. She had donated it to the Ballet Company a short time ago thinking we might be able to use it on stage - we found the perfect place for it on stage in 'The Concert' and it looked fantastic. It was a complete surprise to her and thrilled enough to want a photograph to send to family. One of our 'Dad's saw his jumper make an appearance on stage - a complete surprise to him! So much fun, thank you to everyone who put their own touches on what is now a fabulous memory to so many people.

We have had lots of requests for a DVD - It will be ready in a week or so.

Union Jack - such fun!


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