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What you don't see

The brilliance of so many - I would like to introduce you to a few people who have passion, talent and always an elegance around their presence. Producing a creative work relies each one of these people and together breath life into the organisation itself.

Swan Lake, Darwin dress rehearsal was photographed by artist Janelle Fisher. We are well aware that dress rehearsals can be a bit rough around the edges however Janelle managed to produce some amazing work. Taking photographs from the auditorium, of dancers who are continuously moving, is a skill in itself. Adding the challenge is the constantly changing lights and lots of dancers in the background.

Janelle came with an array of cameras, a wonderful positive attitude and a genuine excitement about seeing Swan Lake come to life. As always dress rehearsal for me the last chance to bring everything together. My mind is on the story of the ballet coming to life, Jasper our stage manager and Leisa our Darwin Director who is working with lighting and sound technicians and the fly mechanist who have only seen the ballet once. Quick changes for the dancers are a surprise for everyone and need refining.

After a challenging, busy, all encompassing day finishing at 10.30pm everyone feels that so much more could be done, but running out of time. It is normal to feel tired and flat after a long dress rehearsal day.

Janelle went home, immediately sorting through the hundreds of photographs and emailed some through to us the next morning. I was stunned, her photographs were fabulous, the quality, the colour, the movement and the passion was evident in every photograph. Suddenly I was excited about Swan Lake stepping out on stage to our Darwin audience. I had not seen what Janelle had captured with her cameras - Thank you, Janelle from everyone at Duprada Dance Company Alice Springs and Darwin. You are a star!! in more ways than you will ever know. Find out more about Janelle's artwork on facebook.


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