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Yet another suitcase!

Alice Springs is the hub for everything ballet in the NT, a busy hub for the Australian Dance Academy, Leisa's School of Dancing and Duprada Dance Company Darwin and Alice Springs. Our organisation began in Alice Springs and expanded into Darwin. The weather in Alice is better than Darwin for costume, props and scenery so everything is made, laundered, catalogued and stored in our wardrobe in Alice Springs.

Leisa's school of Dancing and Duprada Dance Company will be performing two different performance at the Darwin Entertainment Centre next week end making our wardrobe VERY BUSY!! Alex (our fabulous wardrobe fairy) has packed and sent 9 suitcases to Darwin while preparing our costumes for Morning Melodies. There are three more suitcases packed ready to go with costumes we held back to use in Morning Melodies. Three of our dancers are currently packing suitcases yet again (their own clothes, pointe shoes, ballet shoes, leotards etc.) they travelling to Darwin to perform. Tamara, Tiffanie and Billy will each have an extra suitcase of costumes.

It is safe to say suitcases are a part of everyday life for dancers. These three dancers have in this year alone travelled to Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin, Singapore, Paris, Prague, back to Melbourne and mow off to Darwin on Sunday.

Alex is knee deep in costume being prepared for 'The Nutcracker' in 3 weeks time. Wardrobe is constantly busy and the smiling faces of everyone who puts on their costume just before they step out on stage is worth every broken fingernail.

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