The busiest day of the year.

Welcome to our first Saturday of the year. It is very busy and very exciting. It is fantastic to see the student back in the studio in their new leotards, taller and more confident. We are always excited to settle in our new students who can be a little nervous but it does not take long for them to find their dancing feet. All ten teachers/assistant teachers are ready and waiting. Have a fabulous week.

Quietly working away

The men in Ballet Companies must constantly work on their classical ballet technique to strengthen that technique to a level where they are capable of lifting their partners, and dancing at a level of excitement expected by an audience. Building their strength daily means mens ballet classes very early in the morning and evening, specific muscle lengthening exercises in our own gym, pilates, rehearsals learning new repertoire. Fabulous work during the holidays guys, looking good for April.

Fantastic Summer

We have had wonderful Summer of dance, the first time Duprada Dance Company has held a Summer Intensive Week. The opportunity to have Peta Bailey and Jasmine Ahwah in the Studio teaching for our Summer Intensive week was fabulous for the dancers who filled the studio with their enthusiasm. 27 dancers started at 11.00am every day and danced through until 6.00pm for 6 days. A couple of muscle sore days but by the end of the week all the dancers looked fantastic. There are many secrets dancers need to learn about to become elite athletes and having the time to give the dancers so information was inspiring. Thank you Peta and Jasmine, our dancers in good hands.

And there is more!

Chloe Skoss who left Alice Springs to begin Early Childhood Training at University in 2017 just happened to be in Alice Springs for her Summer Holidays. The timing was perfect as she became Iona's Nanny for our Summer Intensive Week. Iona is Peta and Doug's five month old baby daughter. She came to the studio everyday and Chloe did a fantastic job of looking after her. I was very proud these two dancers have known each other for years and they couldn't have been happier. Iona loved her week in the studio, so many dancers and so much to see and learn. Thank you Chloe we love having you back in the studio dancing and having an Early Childhood Placement right here at Duprada!!

And then!

I forgot to mention that then there was the Ironing, folding, counting and updating the costume, headpiece, shoe and props catalogue. Thank you to everyone who helped. Done and Dusted until our next performance - April 2018.