Brilliant Start to 2020

Congratulations to all the parents who have managed to get their young dancers settled into their dance lessons so quickly and efficiently this year. We have a quite a number of new students at the Australian Dance Academy who have all begun classes with such enthusiasm - Welcome everyone. We recognise the challenge of organising the beginning of the year getting children back to school and into their activities. Remember to apply for your 'Sports Vouchers' they will expire in May 2020. Thank you for keeping our community vibrant it is inspiring to see your efforts every week. We enjoy seeing them improve every week - looking forward to you seeing them in our 'Open Week'

Inspired in Milan & Paris

This blog is a little late and is the last of our photographs - it has been difficult to pick a few good photographs after taking so many. As we travelled to Milan the fires in Australia getting worse Tony and I were certainly recognised as Australians everywhere we went. It seemed surreal, walking in Snow and thinking about places that we know so well burning in Australia. When our children were small we wanted them to see as much of Australia as possible so we were quite familiar with lots of the towns that were in trouble. Our Son and Daughter in law are both volunteer fire fighters so the dangerous conditions were certainly on our minds. Sorry off topic! We spent New Years Eve in Mila


Thank you to those who wished my husband Tony and I safe travels over the Christmas New Year break. We had an amazing time and everyday I smiled at the simplest of things like picking up only two suitcases at the airport - usually I am counting anywhere between 18 and 44 suitcases. I haven't travelled without dancers for a really long time. Tony and I travelled to London, Zurich where we went up into the Swiss Mountains, Milan, Paris and then back to London returning through Perth, Adelaide landing safely home in Alice Springs during a massive dust storm which nearly prevented the flight from landing. Other than one train strike our travels were filled with days of walking all day and taki