Giselle - ready and waiting:

Rehearsals have been very exciting, every dancer is now just waiting for the 15 minute call just before the curtain goes up. The energy and anticipation of the dancers who are behind the curtains just flows out into the audience and the atmosphere becomes electric. The costumes make the dancers feel like a million dollars fills them with a joyfulness and somehow makes them suddenly twirl in their skirts (often). When they step into the light on stage every part of every dancer feels a hightened awareness of beauty and excellence, needing to tell the audience this simple story. Standing on the side of the stage watching every cast member striving to be at their best is a privilege and fills

A Picture that says it all!

Tiffanie Hughes is in her element rehearsing for the Principal Role of 'Giselle' and her brilliance is shining brighter than ever. Having the opportunity to work with The Australian Ballet later this year has inspired Tiffanie who is determined to excel and make the most of her opportunity in Melbourne. As Tiffanie prepares for the role of 'Giselle' her passion deepens. Her natural talent is enhanced by the strength and detailed classical technique which she works on daily. Watching her in the studio every day over the holiday break working on her own conditioning, Pilates and intense personalised ballet classes was inspiring. It is very exciting to see such a talented dancer working at p

Bangarra Dance Theatre

A busy week with Bangarra taking up residence in the studios for a few days. All four studios busy with dancers and artistic staff. Our Master Class was sensational, Bangarra had five of their dancers in the studio teaching choreography from their performance. They asked if they could have an extra 30 minutes with our dancers because they wanted to teach them more. Fantastic - thank you Bangarra. Congratulations on your performance.

Birthday Thanks!!

I feel humbled by the number of messages I received for my birthday yesterday and my phone actually went flat from notifications, emails and messages - fantastic day spent with the dancers of Duprada Dance Company. Cute things happened - Tony (my husband) very new to facebook managed send me a birthday message and Eliza (at 4 years old) delivered mini (very lemon) cup cakes and thanks Peta for David's book - Sunday sorted!

Sunday Sorted

Massive thank you to everyone for my Birthday wishes yesterday. I suddenly became inspired to plan my Sunday and as you can see - it's sorted.

Numbers of Pointé Shoes

Pointé shoes look amazing and I am always surprised at how much pleasure I get from receiving our large boxes packed with new shoes knowing how precious they are to every dancer. It is a milestone in a students young life when they receive their first pointe shoes and ballet classes are forever changed. There are small challenges in every class and surprises around every corner. There are good days, great days and some days you would love to forget but dancers are always working towards that day very few people ever experience - dancing on stage on pointé to exquisite music wearing a tutu - special unforgettable moments in time. This photograph is from the Shoe Room at the Royal Ballet C

Giselle - A love story!

Giselle is a an amazing historical ballet which demands technical brilliance from the dancers and to convey the story with detailed mime which is crucial and exciting. There are smiles and giggles in the studio as the dancers learn the mime and the story. This is a the of love and betrayal and it is surprising for the young dancers of today to note that although this story 140 years old, not much has changed.

Congratulations Peta and Doug!!

We had cast Peta in Duprada Dance Company's performance of 'Giselle' while she was on tour with the Australian Ballet Company's Story Time Tour. When Peta returned she announced that Iona would have a little sister or brother so performing would need to be put on hold. Congratulations to a family of three who will be a family of four in August. Peta is still in class, just not on stage!