High Tea

This week we have the enjoyable task of preparing for our 'High Tea' which is busy but we do have a wonderful afternoon. We love getting all our teapots out and decorating the studio for our guests. It is a pleasure spending time with everyone as they sip tea & coffee, eat little cakes and sandwiches chatting to friends. Marg Collins on Piano!

What a week-end!

Araluen Theatre, our second home was a special place last week where we finally performed Don Quixote. I am exceptionally proud of the dancers in Duprada Dance Company as they take on every challenge, achieve it and quickly move on to the next request. Last week they worked their way through very quick changes, four consecutive performances under lights and in costume, managed their work or school, teaching, homework and study requirements with focus and determination. Dancers are amazing people who seem to be able to tap into the best of themselves constantly. I appreciate their ability to do many things but most of all I appreciate how - the word humble comes to mind, however it is more

A Special Week-end

This is a special week-end for the dancers of Duprada Dance Company. Our dancers constantly work hard at perfecting their classical ballet technique and developing their part in the ballet, 'Don Quixote' during relentless rehearsals. Have an amazing week-end and allow yourself to live in the moment and enjoy your time on stage.

Don Quixote final stages of rehearsals.

Final rehearsals in the studio today, it is very busy, yet somehow an exciting time for everyone involved. The cast become very excited as the company 'bumps in' to the theatre. Production teams call it 'bump in' week and for them it is sets, scenery, props costumes, programmes, music, technical notes etc., The cast call it 'performance week' and for them it is costumes, quick changes, props, final rehearsals and dancing on stage under lights. Simone Kilian and Erin Selleck have been crafting our principal costumes for the last two months and their attention to detail unbelievable. Simone lives in Adelaide and Erin in Alice Springs so communication is always amusing and transportation sh

Men in Tights

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed the performance and have left so many messages. It is sad to finish a performance but it is the most rewarding time when people come into the studio talking about their night out and their appreciation. The messages and phone calls certainly brighten our day and we all appreciate your support. The Northern Territory holds many secrets and one of the unknowns is how many men are involved in Classical Ballet. There are a significant number of boys who attend dance training with a ballet class being part of their training, as they mature the work becomes more challenging requiring strength and attention to detail. It is physically demanding but satisfying t