Quick Note

As the last of our costumes are being put away, Photo week coming to an end and Certificates and Reports presented it seems the end of the year is near. Costumes have been replaced by our beautiful Christmas Tree and the spirit of the festive season is greeting us with warmth and a little reflection. Billy is working well at the Australian Ballet Company and they have reached their full run through of the Story Time Ballet Coppélia. Next week is final rehearsals, then tech and dress rehearsals in the Theatre. He is very settled and has enjoyed working with David McAllister over the past two weeks. Peta Baillie called into the Australian Ballet today and was able to say hi to Billy from A

Billy at Ballet in Melbourne

Billy is happy and still seems on top of the world after his first few days with the Australian Ballet in Melbourne. The whirlwind of Classes, Gym, Rehearsals, Wardrobe and learning lots of choreography is exciting and he is loving it. Billy has been to the Australian Ballet many times and is well versed in how the life of a Professional Dancer works. He is dancing a lot and happy with workload and seems to be managing very well.


It was still busy Sunday as we took all the costumes etc., to Araluen for our final performance of the year, class was at 11.00am with a long day of rehearsals ahead. Erin and Peta were both able to spend the day with us at Araluen preparing for the 2nd Performance this year. By the days end Billy was settled in his Melbourne accommodation and preparing for his first day - just a tad nervous but feeling good.


Lilly Bloomer is one of our amazing young dancers who is passionate about everything in life. Araluen has a Quilting exhibition on which unfortunately finishes today. and Lilly has won the Junior section for the third time. Araluen has been allowed to exhibit the 'Best of Australia's' Quilts and the best from the Northern Territory be added to the exhibition which is shown Internationally. Congratulations Lily on Winning the Junior section of 'Territory Quilts 2018 Judged Exhibition' photographed with Kay Haerland.


Congratulations to Tiffanie Hughes who was one of two dancers to gain 'Work Placement' at the Australian Ballet Company in September 2019. Tiffanie auditioned during the Australian Ballet Company's Regional Tour. Tiffanie is very excited and determined to make the most of her opportunity. The Australian Ballet Company will fly her to Melbourne and accommodate her for a week while she works with in class and rehearsals. This is well deserved, Tiffanie is well known in the Northern Territory dancing principal roles for Duprada Dance Company, she always works hard and is the ultimate Professional. We are all very proud of her success.

Life Changing

I am writing with a happy heart as I congratulate Billy Laherty who has been offered a contract with The Australian Ballet Company. He has accepted the contract (of course) and begins work at the Australian Ballet in Melbourne on Monday 19th November 2018. Billy's first performance will be at the Melbourne Arts Centre then touring with The Australian Ballet Company to Sydney performing at the Sydney Opera House then to Canberra and back to perform in Melbourne. Billy has not missed a class, rehearsal session or a performance since he began ballet at the age of three. He constantly aims to work at capacity and will need this strength and determination to get through his contracted 67 perf


An exciting time for our young dancers involved in Cinderella, congratulations to them all. The tiniest of them are watching the story unfold before their very eyes and completely captivated. The more experienced dancers waiting for their turn to show the audience their dance in their special costume. It is a joy to watch the dancers of Duprada Dance Company helping the young ones, organised lines of dancers sprinkled about backstage and the whispers of encouragement as they go out onto the stage. Their comments are priceless, the sparkle in their eyes is worth every moment of madness getting the performance together. It can be a rough ride sometimes, a huge thank you to the parents, the