Study Tour Melbourne

Preparations for our first Study Tour for 2017 are nearly complete and as always the excitement builds as the students begin to pack. The trip starts to be come real when they are packing ballet clothes and shoes for classes in Melbourne and elegant clothes to wear to attend the State Theatre for an exciting performance. They will be watching The Australian Ballet production of Sleeping Beauty. 'cant wait'

High Tea and Classical Ballet

This is the third year we have held a high tea which seems to have taken on a life of its own. Duprada Dance Company's main studio is transformed into a 'pop-up cafe' with a difference. Our dancers prepare their favourite recipe and bring it into the studio with their family's tea pots, tea and coffee cups and every different variety of cutlery and decorative plate you can imagine. It does make for a fantastic afternoon, thank you to the dancers who changed their afternoon from a ballet class and rehearsals to their creativity in the kitchen, decorating our 'pop-up cafe' and serving the people who support them as dancers.

Fancy Feet Jazz Night

Fabulous night scheduled for the end of term. Dancing into the sunset with great music, a chance to dress up and lots of games to play. Friday 23rd June 2017 if you are a Jazz student join the fun!

Open Days for Ballet, Jazz and Tap Dancing

At the Australian Dance Academy we are looking forward to presenting our 'Open Days' Parents, relatives and friends are invited into our studios to watch their young dancers their class. It is exciting for the students who will have an audience in the studio.